Cell-1 gel and cream heal gently damaged skin

The Cell-1 gel build on a Effective effective formula made of snail extract.

Even scars are successfully treated with him. Studies and experience reports show this. Also first Folding, stretch marks, pimples, age spots and other skin problemsthat are accompanied by a destruction of the cell structure, no longer a problem. The cell regenerating effect ensures a tight and flat complexion.

Cell-1 gel
 To do this, also proves to be a skin -friendly manner and has no side effects. It is applied to the affected areas on the body and face and even more important: it is suitable for every skin type. After regular use, a satisfactory improvement will be sensitive and visible.

Content 50ml

Cell-1 Gel, das All-In-One Kosmetikprodukt mit SCHNECKENEXTRAKT. Wirkt gegen Akne, Hautunreinheit Pickel, Falten, Narben, Dehnungsstreifen uvm.#LittleSecretGreatResultsCell-1 Gel, das All-In-One Kosmetikprodukt mit SCHNECKENEXTRAKT. Wirkt gegen Akne, Hautunreinheit Pickel, Falten, Narben, Dehnungsstreifen uvm.#LittleSecretGreatResults

Cell-1 a ​​cosmetic product for everyone

Everyone can use the gel for their individual skin problems. Large scars like them remain after accidents are formed, even though they will not completely disappear. Smaller Scars can even completely disappear through Cell-1 gelwhat is possible thanks to the snail extract. In addition, the gel is perfect as an anti-aging agent for older generations or for use against pimples, blackheads and other blemishes in puberty and in young adult life.

The application of the Cell-1 gel is intended for men, women, girls or boys. Cell-1 is suitable for all ages and gender. After applying it, it leaves a soft feeling and a soothing fresh fragrance. The product is in all well -stocked drugstores and pharmacies or online Available from sanitas24.ch.

Snail extract - a miracle cure

Scholars already lived in antiquity, which the Healing effect of snail mucus is known was. Much later, workers noticed on a South American snail farm how well -groomed their hands were always. A new hype was created in the cosmetic industry. Care products with snail extract at first from overseas into the German -speaking area, so they are produced on their home so far. Cell-1 care products come from Swiss production.

The extract is obtained from the "Helix Aspersa" (spotted sink snail) or your mucus. It is a small relative of the snail. Your highly effective mucus contains Vitamin A and E, allantoin, elastin, collagen and glycolo acid. These ingredients are that have a repairing effect on the skin.

Other ingredients: Aqua, alcohol denat, butylene, glycol, tetrahydroxydpropyl ethyleneediamine, peg-40, hydrogenated Castor Oil, phenoxyethanol, acrylates/c10-30, alkyla acrylate crospolymer, snail secretion filtrate, ethyl hexanediol, ethylhexygl ycerin, perfume (fragrance), methylpartaben, Propylist

Cell-1 application

The skin should be cleaned before applying. Then the gel should be applied thinly to the body or face 1-2 times a day. The application takes place selectively. Massing entire body parts is not recommended. The manufacturer should always be followed. Incorrect use reduces or prevents the effect if necessary.

As soon as the Cell-1 gel has moved into the skin, other cosmetic products such as creams, make-up and body lotions can be applied.
In the case of dry skin, an application in combination with a moisturizing cream is an advantage.