How is the snail mucus won?

First of all, we are 100 % cruelty free! The snails are not killed or tortured! The animals are very important to us!

The snail mucus of the large vineyard snail (Helix Aspersa) is used to manufacture Cell-1 Skin Care.

The snails are placed in a kind of treadmill at an adapted pace and climate. When the snail begins to move, the treadmill rotates (like snail fitness: D) The mucus that is now left behind drips into a trough.

Since the snails only separate the snail slime under certain conditions, everything must be tailored to your needs and the snails have to feel good.

The entire snail mucus is then processed into a powder (for hygienic reasons) followed by the remaining ingredients together again into a gel. This is the gel-like result of Cell-1 Skin Care. It smells very softly sweet and fresh at the same time.

What is Cell-1 good for?

Cell-1 Skin Care combats unsightly skin problems such as: acne, folds, pimples, pimples, scars, stretch strips and much more ...

The snail mucus extract gives the gel many nutrients and antioxidants that penetrate directly into the skin and develop their effect there.

The improvement is visible after just a few weeks.

All Cell-1 cosmetic products are manufactured in Switzerland. So they are 100% Swiss Made. They have no intolerances and are suitable for all skin types.


Photo byMagda V onUnsplash - Thank you! <3