Made in Switzerland - application/active ingredients

The large cell-1 innovation, a 100% Swiss product of proven quality.

The exclusive products of Cell-1 Cosmetics were developed according to the latest knowledge of dermocosmetics and their secret is in the originalSnail mucus extract as the main active ingredient of all cell-1 formulas.

The Cell-1 brand, the product and its secret formula are internationally protected and patented, only manufactured in Switzerland, Cell-1 meets all modern standards of cosmetics and hygiene.

Cell-1 are inspired by the nature of fairytale Swiss landscapes, fragrant alpine flowers and fragrant fields, which are the secret of effectiveness and the use of the selected ingredients.

The secret of Cell-1 is the main component-the extractSnail Slime (Snail Secretion Filtrates)that has an intensive regenerative effect on the skin.

Even the ancient Greeks and Romans knew about his healing and soothing properties. Workers on snail farms aroused the interest of beauticians when they noticed that their hands were very soft and cuts quickly healed without complications, infections or scars.

The snail mucus for Cell-1is obtained from Helix-Aspersa snails in a natural and non-aggressive way. (You can find that under ->How is the snail mucus won?)

The snail uses the mucus it produces to restore her tissue and repair your damaged house. The snail extract has a similar effect on human skin by stimulating the formation of protein and the intensive regeneration of the skin cells. Since the early 1980s, the snail secretary has been tested in medicine and cosmetics in order to make this raw material usable. The snail extract in Cell-1 is the original ingredient with proven regenerative effect on human skin.

The snail extract has an antiseptic, keratolytic and stimulates the renewal of the skin cells.

Active active ingredients:

Allantoin - calms skin cells and relieves irritation. It promotes regeneration, acts keratolytically and accelerates cell proliferation.

Elastin - Stimulates the production of elastic fibers in the skin. Together with collagen, it is responsible for the elasticity of the skin.

Collagen - supports the connective tissue, donates moisture and regenerates the structural proteins that connect skin cells.

Glycolic acid - the golden standard when removing damaged and dead skin cells; It acts like a peeling and stimulates the regeneration of the layers of the skin, which eliminates wrinkles and spots and clean the pores.

VITAMIN C- A water -soluble antioxidant protects the skin from aggressive external influences, regenerates other antioxidants, stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin, regeneration and wound healing. It gives the skin radiation and freshness and calms down redness.

VITAMIN A - Accelerates the regeneration of the skin cells, removes dead skin layers, acts against freckles, pimples and acne and makes the skin smooth and radiant.

Vitamin E - A fat -soluble antioxidant, one of the most important "catchers" of free radicals that protect cell membranes from oxidative stress, reduces the effects of lighting and lipid peroxidation.

Minerals - Hydrate and refresh the skin, stimulate cell metabolism by activating enzymes, cleaning and matting.

Other ingredients:

Aqua (water), alcohol denat., Butylene glycol, tetrahydroxypropyl ethylenediamine, peg-40 hydrogenated Castor Oil, phenoxyethanol, acrylates/c10-30 alkylate crosspolymer, snail secretation filtr, ethyl hexanediol, ethyl height xylglycerin, perfume (fragrance), methylpartaben , Propylpartaben.

Cell-1 is a regenerative skin care for all skin types, skin problems, all ages and for the whole body.